Most architects or designers in the world now use 3D software tools to create models of objects they design - let’s say houses or gardens. However, sharing that model with a customer is not that easy if they don’t have the same software. With our web based tool you can just upload your 3D model, add 360-degree images of certain places and share the link with anyone. If they have a VR-headset they can also experience the virtual reality of your model.

Main features:
  • “Admin web tool” lets you upload the model and add points with images.
  • Web viewer works both on mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Walk through every piece of your model and even get “inside” every object.


How it works

To get started you only need to have a 3D model and a few 360-degree photos (optional). Once the model is uploaded and photos are placed where they belong the preview link can be shared with anyone with a web browser. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Create your 3D model in your favourite software and save it using one of the following formats: glTF, OBJ, COLLADA. Once it is loaded into our tool, you can walk through the model and explore the world you created.
If you have 360-degree photos/images of some places/objects, you can add them to your model. Using our “admin web tool” (in desktop browser only) add pins into corresponding places and upload the images.
Open the viewer link in your web browser and walk through your model or fly from one pin to another. Once a pin is clicked, you switch to a “image viewer mode”. You can easily switch back to normal mode by clicking the “GO BACK” button which is always located on the floor. All you need to do is “look” down.

video guide